College is a co-education institution where both genders study together under the same roof. So the safety and security of students especially girl students is a top priority of our college administration. There are limits re-defined pertaining to behavior and language in such learning environment. College building is monitored by CCTV surveillance .CCTV cameras are strategically placed in the corridors and outside the college building and ground to keep vigil on student’s activities, to ensure safety and security of learners. Students deserve to feel comfortable at college so that they can focus on learning and contributing to the learning environment. The institution is sensitive towards women issues and therefore imparts gender sensitivity among all the stakeholders like students, teaching and non-teaching staff through various means. The anti-ragging committee and sexual harassment committee plays an active role in this regard.

The members of Guidance & Counseling Cell are provided with the counseling room to ensure proper counseling to all the students on regular basis. The institution has established separate girl’s garden to facilitate female students, so that they can relax and have general discussions during their free time.

In addition to this the institution organizes different kinds of gender equity programs in which the girl students are encouraged to be confident and find solutions to their gender related issues.

Some of the important initiatives taken by the institution especially for female staff and female students are:  

  1. Counseling & Guidance Cell
  2. CCTV Cameras
  3. Separate & well fenced Garden for Girls
  4. Separate staff room for female teaching staff with attached washrooms
  5. Common room for female students
  6. Girls reading room facility
  7. Sports facility & gymnasium for girl students
  8. Organizing of different gender sensitization programmes for girls
  9. Annual women’s day celebration (8th, March)
  10. Safety & security