Growth and Fame of the Institution depends upon the efforts put in by the institution for ensuring quality of the institution. Having said that, College IQAC, since its inception has put in efforts to ensure and uphold the quality of the institution.

                The college IQAC from time to time practices/facilitates various initiativesbased on the NAAC and UGC standards for ensuring the quality of the institution. The initiatives are in concurrence with the academic/activity calendar so that a regularity in those initiatives are maintained. Some of the initiatives which are practice by the college are as under:

  • Biometric Attendance
  • Feedback from all the stakeholders(students, parents, alumni, faculty)
  •  Audits
  • Short-Term courses (computer course) organised for staff of the college 

IQAC Minutes Of Meetings                                     Orders/Circulars/Reports/Newsletters/Press Note

16/03/2015                                                             Computer Training For Staff

27/11/2015                                                             Audits

03/03/2016                                                             Biometric Attendance

10/11/2016                                                             Stake Holders Feedback

13/03/2017                                                             Conferences/Seminars  etc