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Year of establishment – 2010

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Geography literally known as the description of the earth has been enjoying the status of “Mother of all Sciences”, since the long antiquity. Modern Geography is vital for social, economic and political development as an independent discipline However; it still performs a great role as an inter-disciplinary discipline.

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Prof Bashir Ahmad Mir

When most people hear the term geography, they immediately begin to think of maps, but it is so much more than that. To understand why studying geography is relevant, you must first understand what it means. Geography is the study of places, landscapes, environments, and people, and how they have affected each other over time to become what it is today. It combines natural sciences (physical geography) and social sciences (human geography) in a way no other field of science does. Some of the top educational institutes in the world understand the importance of geography and offer a variety of courses. 




Mr Bashir Ahmad Mir(HOD)

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Dr. Tariq Ahmad Ganaie

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At present Geography Department is accommodated in two of the Psychology Department rooms. One room functions as a Laboratory for practical purposes and the other room functions as a Department Staffroom. However, we are likely to shift the Department soon to the former Physical Education College where we have identified a building in which we shall have two Labs, one Museum and two rooms for teaching staff and Non – teaching staff each.



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