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Year of establishment – 2010

Sanctioned Teaching Posts: 04

Existing Teaching Posts: 04

Commerce is an umbrella field for various commerce-related domains, such as accounting, auditing, finance, taxation, financial services, stock market experts, managerial skills etc. The flourishing trade and commerce of the country as well as the growing economy, make this an in-demand field with a number of respectable and lucrative career options available.

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Prof. Mohd Ajaz Mando

The department of commerce offers a range of relevant courses suitable for the private and public sectors. The curriculum is taught by a well-qualified and dedicated faculty combining academic excellence and real-world experience. We are confident that the current curriculum of the program has enabled the overall development of learners. Most of the subjects in are skill enhancement courses that increase the employability of the learners.

With this brief introduction, I welcome you to be a part of our department.




Mohd. Ajaz Mandoo(HOD)

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Dr. Irfana Jan

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Courses Offered:

Duration: 3 Year

Facilities: General library, computer lab under RUSA 

Study Material For Students



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  2. Corporate and cost accounting 4th-semester assignment Download.
  3. Fundamentals of investment and banking and insurance 5th-semester assignments Download
  4. Human resource management 5th-semester assignment Download 
  5. New time table for 3rd 5th & 6th-semester core courses Download
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