Department of Economics


Year of Establishment:2004

Sanctioned Teaching Posts: 02

Existing Teaching Posts: 01

The department of economics is one of the oldest departments of the college established in 2004 serving the local and national needs of the nation by empowering the students about basic to intermediate level of economic know-how so that they excel and serve the nation in their best capacity

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Prof Tawheed Yousuf 

Economics as a field of knowledge concerns us all, as consumers, producers, Govt and Govt Bodies, the common public etc. as it guides our lives, our decisions, our policy-making way or the other. Thus we as economic units should actively learn the basics of the subject so that we can act like rational economic units by making optimal economic decisions. 




Tawheed Yousuf

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Courses Offered: B.A                  Duration - 3 Years




Assignment for 2nd, 4th and 5th Semester.

1) Assignment for 2nd Sem (download)

2) Assignment for 4th Sem  (download)

3) Assignment for 5th Sem Gen (download)

4) Assignment for 5th Sem Pub Fin (download)

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