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The College has adequate IT /ICT facilities for an effective teaching-learning process. In the age of technology, every effort is being put on to upgrade the IT facilities on a regular need basis. The BCA computer lab is equipped with 40 computers connected with BSNL broadband. The lab is fitted with a smartboard and LCD projector for strengthening the teaching-learning process. In the year 2017, the old UPS were replaced with online UPS. The process of upgrading the old computers with the latest version is in pipeline and tenders have been floated to procure more computers in the first quarter of 2019. Also, there is a separate computer Lab for the IT department equipped with 10 computers connected with BSNL broadband.  Recently, the IT Lab was updated when its old UPS were replaced with online UPS. 

In the year 2017, College achieved a milestone when the Library was fully automated to make it user-friendly. Library at present is using ‘SOUL-version 2.0’ Integrated Library Management Software with 6 clients attached to it to serve its users more efficiently. A mini-browsing Centre was established within the library to make it more efficient and resourceful.

Another milestone was achieved in the year 2017 when the college managed to set up a computer lab-cum-browsing Centre funded by RUSA and equipped with 33 computers installed in separate cabins connected to BSNL broadband. The Centre is provided with a printer to facilitate the users to print the downloaded information/material for their convenience. The Centre is also fitted with online UPS. 

The college has smart classrooms with varying seating capacity ranging from 20-100 students fitted with BSNL broadband connections which are used by faculty to make the tutorials/lectures effective for the teaching-learning process. The conference hall is equipped with a smart board, LCD projector, podium and HD sound system that is used during the events like conferences, debates, seminars, workshops etc. for effective interaction with the audience. In 2017, EDUSAT was also made functional for students to watch online lectures, programs related to education, address speeches made by Academicians & Dignitaries at different levels etc.

CCTV cameras are installed at different locations across the campus to monitor students in order to maintain discipline and ensure the surveillance of the college besides routine guards. The process of replacing some old cameras and installation of some more are undergoing. 

The college has two Diesel Gen-sets 15-KV each which are put into service during the break-down of the electricity to ensure that the routine work of the college is not halted. There is a website coordinator who ensures that the college website is updated from time to time. Moreover, all important notices concerning academics, examinations, co-curricular activities etc. are uploaded on the website duly approved by the concerned coordinators and the college Principal. The college has constituted an IT infrastructure development committee that looks after the maintenance, up-gradation, and usage policies etc. of all IT related facilities.

The college has adequate ICT facilities which are functional having feasible power backup and internet facilities.

The college has 09 Smart classrooms and one Android interactive In-Suite professional LED (65”) touch screen Furthermore, the LED’s are installed in the principal chamber and one in the principal chamber and one in the conference room which belong to EDUSAT.

The college has CCTV’s installed in the both old and new college

Internet Connectivity Facility: The College has several broadband connections availed by the principal, office, Staff and students. There is JIO connectivity in the main college campus having 11 points at various departments but its connectivity has limited access. Further, the college IT Committee approached the BSNL office for the internet connection facility (Microwave link) for which the BSNL office will send the estimates for installation of the same within some time.

The college has two computer labs one of BCA and the other of IT, further College has functional EDUSAT

The College has a Browsing Centre funded by the RUSA, having 32 desktops (Wi-Fi based) (Dell) arranged in wooden cabinets having licensed antivirus installed at the time of installation, Voltage Stabilizer (Servo) Online UPS (Servo)(15KvA) with batteries, 2 printers with LAN  internet connection.


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