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                 Assignment for 2nd Semester

1. Linear And Digital Integrated Circuits                     (Download)

2. Discreate Math                                                           (Download)

3. Java Assignment for BCA 2nd Sem  (Download)

                 Assignment for 4th  Semester

4. DBMS Assignment for BCA 4th Sem (Download)

5 .Software Engineering                                                 (Download)

6. Design and Analysis of Algorithms     


Statistics elective paper (download)

PHP skill enhancement             (Download)

             Assignment for 5th  Semester

7. Numerical Method                                                     (Download)

8. Theory of Computation                                             (Download)

9. Data Mining                                                              (Download)

10Internet Technologies    (download)

 Assignment  for fresh private 4th sem computer application skill enhancement

paper (download)

Assignment for backlog 4th sem E-commerce (download) 

Assignment for B.Com 3rd sem E-commerce (download)

Assignment  for fresh BCA 3rd Semester Batch 2018         (Download)

Assignment  for backlog BCA 3rd Semester Skill Enhancement Paper    (Download)


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