Department of Psychology


Year of establishment – 2004

Sanctioned Teaching Posts: 03

Existing Teaching Posts: 1


The department was established in the year 2004 with aim of promoting a broad understanding of human behaviour, thought, emotions and consequent solutions of the day to day life-related problems and applying psychological interventions.

Currently, there are 7 faculty members and over 800 students, involved in this mutual effort to enhance knowledge and understanding of human behaviour. The undergraduate program of psychology has been designed to provide a firm grounding in the various sub-domains of psychology – namely General Psychology, Social Psychology, Counseling, Clinical Psychology, etc. 


HOD's Message


Psychology is the study of the human mind and behaviour and has a systematic approach towards understanding people. As a profession, it enables students to apply the principles and theories of human behaviour in solving real-life problems. The study includes experiments, theories, personality tests, methods and techniques of identification of human problems, guidance and counselling, etc.

Our educational approach will be one that focuses on and looks at alternatives for critical contemporary issues, prioritizes humanity and culture, ethics and values, gender equality, community service and social responsibility. We shall enable students to understand, contribute to and succeed in a rapidly changing society with intelligence, sensitivity and concern thus making the world a better and more just place.





Ms. Naureen Naseer (HOD)

Assistant Professor

Dr. Nuzhat Firdous

Academic Arrangement Lecturer




The department has one laboratory which is well equipped with tools and instruments to be used by the undergraduate students.




Department of Psychology

It is for the information of all the concerned students of BG 1st sem batch 2021 regular / backlog who are facing any issue related to their practical evaluation status ( Absent/ NA) to report in the Department of Psychology within 2 days positively. Any such request after the said date shall not be entertained in any case.

    • The link for the 3rd semester (Regular batch 2019 & Backlog batches 2016-2018) exam of Psychology (Psychological Disorders) is hereby shared. The link will remain active only from 11:00 am to 11:45 am on 05/07/2021.

  • All the Private candidates of 3rd sem (Fresh Batch 2019 & Backlog Batch 2016-2018) who have Personality Development as one of their Skill Enhancement Course are hereby directed to join a wats app group using the below-given link:


  • *Attention students of Psychology Ist semester*
    • It is for the information of all the concerned students of B.A Regular/Fresh/Backlog/Private that their semester-end examination will be held on 21-11-2020 (Saturday).
    • The link for the *Theory* exam will be active from 11:00 am -12:00 noon & the link for *Practical* exam will be active from 12:00-12:30 pm. •The mode of examination will be online and the links for the examination will be available on college website and google classroom.
    • No response will be accepted after the stipulated time period.

  • Examination of Psychology 1st semester Regular/Private/Backlog Session 2020 will be held on 21/11/2020 (Saturday). Mode of examination will be online.
    • Link for the same will be shared on the exam day (of Psychology) i.e 21/11/2020 on college website & google classroom at 11:00 a.m for theory & 12:00 noon for practicals.


  • Practical Examination of 2nd Semester (Regular Batch 2019/Backlog Batch 2016,2017 & 2018)
    • Write whole practical exercise which includes Problem, introduction, Method, Procedure, Result and Discussion by using the below-mentioned scales Separately:-
    • 1. Empathy 
    • 2. Social Responsibility
    • Send the file on email id: by 10th October 2020

  • TIMETABLE FOR 2ND SEMESTER (SESSION 2020-21) download 
  • Students are instructed to go through the instructions carefully given along with the assignments. These assignments are for both regular & backlog students both.
  • Assignment for 3rd-semester skill enhancement course (MANAGING STRESS) download
  •  Assignment for 3rd-semester skill enhancement course (Communication Skills & Personality Development) download
  •   Assignment for 2nd Semester Psychology  download
  •  Assignment for 4th  Semester Psychology  download
  •  Assignment for 5th  Semester Psychology  download
  •  Assignment for 4th  Semester Skill Enhancement Course Psychology download
  •  Assignment for 5th  Semester Generic Elective Psychology  download
  •  Assignment for 5th-semester Private download


  • Practical Examination of 5th Semester (Regular/Private/Backlog)*
    • There is a change in practical paper of 5th sem.
    • Write whole practical exercise which includes problem, introduction, method, procedure, result and discussion using any of the below mentioned scales.
    • 1. Empathy
    • 2. Social consciousness
    • *Send file on email id:*
    • The last date for assignment submission is 21st September