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    Students are directed to go through the question paper and follow the instructions before submitting the assignments Question paper for BSc 1st sem download Question paper for 2ns sem download ...

  • Department of arabic

    Arabic Question Paper 2nd semester DOWNLOAD Arabic question paper 4th semester DSC DOWNLOAD Arabic Question Paper 4th semester-SKILL (Spoken Arabic) DOWNLOAD Arabic Question Paper 5th semester-Generic Elective DOWNLOAD Arabic Question Paper 5th semester-DSE DOWNLOAD

  • Department of BCA

                    Welcome to Department of Computer application:                              Latest                  Assignment for 2nd&nbs

  • Department of botany

    E-verification link for 2nd sem Botany Internal Assessments, fresh and back log students 2020 clickhere E-verification link for 4th sem Botany Internal Asessments for fresh candidates only 2020 Clickhere E-verification link for B. Sc 4th sem Botany Internal Assessments for backlog candidates only

  • Department of chemistry

    Google Class Timetable for 3rd(Batch 2019) and 5th(Batch 2018) semesters Download Question paper for BSc 2nd Semester Download  Question paper for BSc 4th Semester Download Question  paper for BSc 5th Semester Download  Examination Instructions Download  ...

  • Department of commerce

    1.Business math and statistics and Business law 2nd semester assignment Download 2. Corporate and cost accounting 4th semester  assignment Download. 3  Fundamentals of investment and banking and insurance 5th semester assignments Download 4. Human resource management  5th

  • Department of Economics

    Welcome to Department of Economics. Latest: Assignment for 2nd, 4th and 5th Semester. 1) Assignment for 2nd Sem (download) 2) Assignment for 4th Sem  (download) 3) Assignment for 5th Sem Gen (download) 4) Assignment for 5th Sem Pub Fin (download) ...

  • Department of Education

    List of Students of ECCE skill Course who have failed to submit their admit card Details  ECCE Skill Course Admit Card Submission Link Question paper/assignment for SEC educational technology batch 2017 backlog download Question paper/Assignment for BA 2nd semester Education download Q

  • Department of English

    3rd Sem(2019) & 5th Sem(2018) Google Classes with Codes http://gdcganderbal.edu.in/Files/a8029a93-30ad-4933-a19a-59136f648471/Link/ENGLISH_GOOGLE_CLASSES__CODES_1ca69806-8e89-4c03-8e1a-e22d28e59c17.pdf E- VERIFICATION: All students of 5th Semester are directed to submit Google Form after fil

  • Department of geology

    1. PETROLOGY GEOLOGY 2ND SEMESTER ASSIGNMENT DOWNLOAD 2. Geo chemistry and geo physics 4th semester assignments download 3. Water quality analysis 4th semester assignments Download  4. Geology structural  5th semester assignment download  5. GEOLOGY FOR INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOP

  • Department of hindi

    Instructions for assignment Download  1. Hindi literature assignment 2nd semester Downloads 2. Hindi MIL  2nd semester Download 3. New time table for 3rd & 5th semester Download  ...

  • Department of history

    Question paper for B.A. 5th Semester Download  Question paper for B.A. 2nd semester Download  Question paper for B.A. 4th semester Download  Question paper for GE 5th semester Download ( Themes in History) Question  paper for SEC 5th semester Download ( Architecture

  • Department of information technology

        ASSIGNMENT FOR THE INTERNAL ASSESSMENTS 2020 Assignment For 2nd Semester download Assignment For 4th Semester download Assignment For Skill Course 4th Semester Multimedia Applications download Assignment For 5th Semester download ...

  • Department of mathematics

    Welcome to the Department of Mathematics Dear students please read the instructions carefully before going through the assignment. submit your assignment on the mentioned email address given in the instructions. 1.Assingnment of 2nd semester Regular/Backlog download 2. Assingnment of 4th s

  • Department of physics

    Welcome to the Department of Physics. Students are directed to go through the question paper/assignment & follow the instructions, provided on the last page of the assignment, before submitting it. Question Paper/Assignment for BSc 4th Semester download Question Paper/Assignment for B.Sc

  • Department of Political science

    Time Table for BA 5th Semester (Batch 2018) and 3rd Semester (Batch 2019) Download Attention Please All the students of Political Science are Requested to go through the Notification Issued by the College regarding the submission of Assignments before submitting the Same. If any Query feel fr

  • Department of Psychology

    Students are instructed to go through the instructions carefully given along with the assignments.These assignments are for regular & backlog students both. Assignment for 3rd semester skill enhancement course (MANAGING STRESS) download   Assignment for 3rd semester skill enhacement cour

  • Department of statistics

    Statistics Assignment for 4th sem skill backlog students download Statistics Assignment for 4th sem theory, Regular and backlog students download Statistics Assignment for 5th sem theory, Regular and backlog students download Statistics Assignment for Skill 5th sem, Regular and backlog students d

  • Department of zoology

    Welcome to Department of Zoology.  With regard to the submission of assignments, students are directed to follow the instructions already given in question paper beofe submitting the assignments. Question paper for B.Sc. 5th sem Applied Zoology download Question paper for B. Sc. 2nd Sem

  • Islamic studies

    Updated Google Classroom time table/details download QUESTION PAPER/ASSIGNMENT 3RD SEM BACKLOG SKILL (ETHICS IN ISLAM) DOWNLOAD Question paper 5th semester Fresh Private Download Question paper 4th semester backlog SKILL (Human Rights in Islam) download Question paper 5th semester-Generic E