• Department of Arabic

    The Arabic Department was established 2013. With an initial intake capacity of 30 students. Our commitment to excellence has produced skilled professionals sought after by industries and academic institutions globally. Emphasizing language proficiency and cultural studies, we prepare students to

  • Department of Botany

    About Department The Department of Botany was established in the year 2013 with Dr Abdul Rashid Dar as Head of the Department focusing to train the desirous students about understanding and practising various aspects of plant sciences. The Department has been fortunate enough to have dynamic, z

  • Department of Chemistry

    About Department The Department of Computer Applications was established in the year 2010. The department is presently headed by Prof. Aasia Quyoum. Initially, an intake capacity of 30 seats was approved which was later enhanced up to 40 seats. The Department, since its inception, has produced

  • Department of Commerce

    About Commerce is an umbrella field for various commerce-related domains, such as accounting, auditing, finance, taxation, financial services, stock market experts, managerial skills etc. The flourishing trade and commerce of the country as well as the growing economy, make this an in-demand fi

  • Department of Computer Application

    About Department About The Department of Computer Applications was established in the year 2010. The department is presently headed by Prof. Qurat Ul Ain. Initially, an intake capacity of 30 seats was approved which was later enhanced up to 40 seats. The Department, since its inception, has pr

  • Department of Economics

    About Department About The department of economics is one of the oldest departments of the college established in 2004 serving the local and national needs of the nation by empowering the students about basic to intermediate level of economic know-how so that they excel and serve the nation in

  • Department of Education

    About Department The Department of Education is an integral part of Government Degree College Ganderbal, dedicated to providing exceptional educational opportunities and fostering a culture of excellence. Our department focuses on shaping future educators, empowering them with the knowledge and

  • Department of English

    About Department English, being the medium of instruction and also the associate-official language, emerged as the first subject to be taught in this institution and consequently the Department of English got established in the year 2002, the same year as the establishment of the college itself

  • Department of EVS

    About Department At the threshold of the 21stcentury, we are confronted with two conflicting scenarios for the future of mankind. On one hand, there are possibilities of a bright future with press button living, space technology, information technology, genetic engineering and such other advanc

  • Department of Functional English

    Year of establishment –  Sanctioned Teaching Posts: 01 Existing Teaching Posts: 01 About Department  Department of Functional English was established in the year 2012 in the Government DegreeCcollege, Ganderbal. The subject was introduced keeping in view the versatility of the

  • Department of Geography

    About Absolutely, Geography is a crucial aspect of our day-to-day lives and plays a significant role in various fields of study from businesses to navigation and understanding our environment in a better way to shaping the landscape of our cities and managing disasters in modern day world. Geogra

  • Department of geology

    About Department About The Department of Geology was established in the year 2014.The Department is well known for high-quality teaching in Geology at the Undergraduate level. The Department of Geology has basic facilities to meet the academic demands of the students. levels. Year Of Es

  • Department of history

    About Department The Department of History aims at building an academic community of students, researchers and teachers devoted to an open critical and analytical study of the discipline with an emphasis on the inter-disciplinary approach. It also aims at making courses and research work social

  • Department Of Information Technology

    About The Department of Information Technology was established in the year 2010. The department is presently headed by Prof. Aasia Quyoum. Initially, an intake capacity of 30 seats was approved which was later enhanced up to 40 seats. The Department, since its inception, has produced quality manpow

  • Department of Islamic Studies

    About Department The Department of Islamic Studies was established in 2013. With just 04 students enrolled in the initial year, the Department started teaching with full vigour. With commitment and excellence in imparting quality education to the students, the Department achieved new milestones

  • Department of Kashmiri

    About Department About The Kashmiri language is one of the 22 scheduled languages of India and is a part of the sixth schedule in the constitution of J&K. Since November 2008, the Kashmiri language has been made a compulsory subject in all schools in the valley up to secondary levels. Kas

  • Department of Mathematics

    About Department About Department of Mathematics was established in the year 2002 in the government degree college, Ganderbal. A good number of students get enrolled every year and the result is quite satisfactory. The department consists of an accomplished & dedicated faculty with a passi

  • Department of Persian

    About Department Political, social, cultural, literary and commercial relations between India and Iran have their deep roots in the past. Racially the Aryans of India and ancient Iranians clearly appear to have been two branches of and same people who spoke one and the same language. Sanskrit a

  • Department of Physical Education

    About Department About Physical Education Deptt levels. Year Of Establishment 2010 Sanctioned Posts 01 Existing Teaching Posts 01   Head Of Department's Message Dr. Syed Anayat Hussain Message Physical Education Deptt Faculty Permanent Faculty Nam

  • Department of Physics

    About Department The Department was established to train the students desirous of learning, understanding, teaching and practicing various aspects of physics. Courses were designed to take care of both the classical and contemporary aspects of physics. Students do projects to explore areas off

  • Department of Political science

    About Department Department of Political Science is committed to the core values of our College - Integrity, Inclusivity, Excellence, Learning, Collaboration, and Diversity to build a humane society and just global order. In order to imbibe leadership qualities among the students department is

  • Department of Psychology

    About Department The department was established in the year 2004 with aim of promoting a broad understanding of human behaviour, thought, emotions and consequent solutions of the day to day life-related problems and applying psychological interventions. Currently, there are 7 faculty members an

  • Department of Sociology

    About Department Sociology is one of the subjects that was introduced in the first academic session in Govt. Degree College Ganderbal in 2002. The Department has since then upheld its commitment towards fulfilling its mandate through the medium of quality instruction and collaboration. The Subj

  • Department of statistics

    About Department The Department of Statistics was established in the year (Oct-Nov), 2010 and the teaching of Statistics was started in 2011. This department offers the undergraduate and Skill enhancement courses and the syllabi for these courses are designed by keeping under consideration the

  • Department of Urdu

    About Department Urdu, the language of lover’s and poets still keeps the new generation connected with the glorious past. The Urdu language was born out of the Indian soil and its poetry Gazels and Mushairas etc. Inspired millions all over the world and it has been the most popular langua

  • Department of Water Management

    About Department The Bachelor of Science in Water Management, a program that is one of the first of its kind in the nation, will educates students in the interrelationships of the technical, social, political, and economic aspects of the field. The objective of the program is to provide student

  • Department of Zoology

    About Department The Department of Zoology was established in 2013 with the aim to provide quality education to students and to contribute to the development of animal sciences and zoological studies. The Department places emphasis on the laboratory components in the teaching curriculum and res


    IGNOU STUDY CENTRE Identifying the need and hunger for Education, the worlds largest University IGNOU took the challenge to educate and enlighten students through open and distance learning. With this vision, IGNOU established a study centre 3005 in 2009 in Govt Degree College Ganderbal to deliver q

  • Red Ribbon CLUB

    Red Ribbon is the international symbol of HIV and AIDS awareness. It is being worn by increasing number of people around the world to demonstrate their care and concern about HIV and AIDS -for those who are living with HIV, for those who are ill, for those who have died and for those who care for an

  • Theatre & the Art club

    The Drama Club of Govt. Degree College Ganderbal was founded with an aim of organizing performances and productions, panel discussions, creative sessions and workshops facilitated by professionals. The Club also collaborates with other Committees and Clubs to organize collaborative events and to pro